A History of the Sikhs Volume 2 (1839-2004)


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This second volume of A History of the Sikhs, recounts a variety of issues related to the Sikh, as they struggle to survive as a separate community. It is divided into five parts, which examine a century’s worth of Sikh history.

Part I begins with the death of Ranjit Singh and the power struggle among his seven sons, who were all deemed unworthy to inherit the throne. It is followed by an account of the British invasion of the Punjab, as well as a small rebellion in Multan. This rebellion would give the British the perfect excuse to annex all of the Sikh Kingdom, which is discussed in detail in Part II.

Part II expands on the events post-mutiny, such as the digging of canals and the creation of Punjabi colonies.

Part III looks at social and religious reforms. It identifies the various religious movements present in the Punjabi, and introduces the protest society Singh Sabha.

Part IV centres on the national, sectarian, and Marxist political movements, and Part V discusses the events leading up to the incessant demands for an independent and free Sikh homeland.

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