Artisan Kirpan – Large

Artisan Kirpan – Large

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These Large Artisan Kirpan made by Jot Singh Khalsa were designed to be among the finest Kirpans ever created. They are entirely hand made to precise tolerances using the best materials available. It has a 6 inch blade and an overall length of 11.75 inches including the handle and has a total weight of approximately 570 grams.

Along with the Kirpan, also included is an adjustable black & grey Gatra, an embroidered zipper pouch and a 16 page full-color booklet which gives comprehensive details of the Artisan-made kirpan, inspired history, milestones and awards.

Production & Materials

There is likely little doubt that over 300 years ago when the Sri Guru Gobind Singh Jees presence graced the earth and He led Sikhs and others into necessary battle, that Sarb Loh (pure iron) was the preferred blade material for Kirpans and possibly swords that might have seen duty in the protection of oneself and the innocent. Those Kirpans and swords made from Sarb Loh would have had good edge holding and strength characteristics, when properly hardened and tempered.

According to Jot Singh Khalsa (award winning knife, sword and Kirpan maker), the facts show that through modern technologies today, we have far more uniform options for sharpness, toughness and especially rust resistance in contemporary blade steels. Through industrial and technological developments in metallurgy over the last 100 years, there are now a wealth of choices in the marketplace for exceptional cutlery steels. These are utilised in our manufacturing and offered through these Artisan Kirpans.

The blades for these Artisan Kirpans are ground from 12C27 stainless steel or 8CR13MOV stainless steel, both excellent blade steels which have excellent edge holding, toughness, and stain resistant qualities. The handle and sheath panels utilise micarta which is a ultra durable, handsome man-made material and the scabbard is injection molded creating an exceptional long lasting fit.

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