Custom Kurta Pajama

Custom Kurta Pajama

All our Kurta Pajamas are custom made specific to your measurements by Singhs in Amritsar, India. For this reason, from date of your order, it can take around 6-8 weeks for your Kurta Pajama to be delivered.


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Let us know your measurements and you too can have your own custom Kurta Pajama tailor made. From date of order, your chola should be delivered to your door in around 6-8 weeks. Please note all clothing is hand made so sizes may vary slightly.

If you are also ordering other items from us and your order contains a Kurta Pajama, please be aware that your entire order will be put on hold and everything sent together. Should you require other the items to be delivered earlier, please place a separate order for these.

The measurements we need are as follows:

Collar Size

Measure around the base of your neck where a shirt collar would sit making sure not to pull the tape measure tight. This will ensure your collar is a comfortable fit.

Shoulder Width

Measure your shoulder width from the outside edge of the left shoulder (basically where the sleeve of your shirt starts), to the outside edge of the right shoulder.

Chest Size

Measure around the broadest part of your chest, making sure that the tape is just below the armpit and above your shoulder blades. Keep the tape flat and parallel to the ground.

Arm Length

Relax your arms down by your side. Measure from the tip of your shoulder and down your arm to your preferred length. The standard sleeve length is about an inch past the wrist bone.

Kurta Length

Measure from your shoulder down to where you want your kurta to go to. This is normally below the knee.

Outside Leg

Measure from your waist at the point where you want to wear the top of the pajama. Run the tape measure down to the point where you want the bottom of the pajama leg to end.

Above Ankle

Measure just above your ankle all the way around.


Measure from the top of the trouser waistband at the front, between your legs, to top of the waistband at the back. Allow as much space as needed for comfort.

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