About Us

Some of the you may be lucky enough to live in areas with a busy Gurdwara and a high number of fellow Sikhs. If you are, chances are that your local Gurdwara will have a stall selling Kirpans, Dastaars, Kachera etc or there will be a local high street shop doing it. However, for many many others no such facilities are locally available which means getting Sikhi items becomes very difficult. This was the experience for us and many others we knew in the UK which led us to set up and create UK based www.SikhiStore.com in January 2012.

We started SikhiStore in order to provide a service to the Sangat and so we keep our prices affordable. We utilise the latest technology to offer a professional service from the start of your SikhiStore experience right to the finish with regular communication. We’re quick to respond and happy to help. We also work with our suppliers in India and try to source high quality products that we would ourselves be happy to buy and own.

And with your help, in just 3 years