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The quality of the products is really excellent and they have always been delivered in a timely manner. I would recommend the beautifully finished taksali kirpaans, the high durability kasheras made by ‘patwari’ from amritsar and the superbly finished kangas. Keep up the good work Sikhi Store and keep on serving the panth with distinction.

Hardeep Singh Derby, United Kingdom

Thanks to Sikhi Store for the quick shipping and excellent products. Good to know you, recommendation for sure! Happy to have found a comfortable way to purchase the items I have been searching for.

Tej Kaur Cologne, Germany

Even I can’t get all sikh item here in Bramton but I come to this website to buy Sikh items for my kids and family.

Baldeep Singh Toronto, Canada

Perfect, don’t need to go anywhere else again, already put the next order in may Guru Ji bless them for out standing service to our panth and strengthening our Sikhi. Already informed family to come here and no where else

Kalbir Singh Huddersfield, United Kingdom

Thank you SikhiStore! Most of the time when I wanted kakkaars, paghri cloth, reading materials etc I’ve had to rely upon the Gurdwara stalls which often have a poor selection, or upon the kindness of other people. Now that I’ve found SikhiStore, I can buy anything I need easily, and have it delivered to my home in record time!

Oliver Smith Nottingham, United Kingdom

The transaction was smooth, the communication was excellent and the delivery timely. SikhiStore are very professional and stock a great range of Sikhi related products.

Sachin Kainth London, United Kingdom