Gurbani MP3 Player with built in speaker

Gurbani MP3 Player with built in speaker


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This Gurbani MP3 Player with built in speaker is a great, small, portable system allowing you to listen to Gurbani, Paath, Kirtan and Katha simply and easily. Measuring a compact 11cm wide, 6cm tall and just 2 cm deep, this comes Pre-loaded with hundreds of hours of MP3s, all easily selected with just a few taps. Choose the track you want by pressing on the large clear numbers keypad and press play. For example, to play Sri Sukhmani Sahib, you would press 7 and play. Great for the elder generation because of it’s simplicity!

With a lithium rechargeable battery, this can be charged via any USB port using the included USB cable. It also offers around 3+ hours of playback when not connected. All tracks are pre-loaded onto an included 8GB micro SD memory and tracks can be changed, edited or added to.

Additional features include playing by loop, repeat etc. Can also by used to play content via aux input, from USB or from built in AM/FM radio. Also includes headphone socket.

Tracks pre-loaded

  • Track 1 – Asa Dee Vaar
  • Track 2 to 6 – Nitnem
  • Track 7 – Sukhmani Sahib
  • Track 8 to 10 – Simran Dukh Bhanjani
  • Track 11 to 13 – Rehraas Sahib, Aarti, Kirtan Sohila Sahib
  • Track 14 to 153 – Sehaj Paath
  • Track 154 to 199 – Kirtan by Bhai Harjinder Singh Jee
  • Track 200 to 219 – Kirtan by Bhai Baldev Singh Jee
  • Track 220 to 280 – Kirtan by Bhai Bakshish Singh Jee
  • Track 281 to 340 – Kirtan by Bhai Harcharn Singh Jee
  • Track 341 to 366 – Kirtan by Bhai Nirmal Singh Jee Nagpuri
  • Track 367 to 396 – Kirtan by Bhai Rajinder Singh Jee
  • Track 387 to 424 – Kirtan by Bhai Gopal Singh Jee
  • Track 442 to 483 – Kirtan by Bhai Joginder Singh Jee
  • Track 484 to 503 – Kirtan by Bhai Lakhwinder Singh Jee
  • Track 504 to 553 – Kirtan by Bhai Niranjan Singh Jee
  • Track 554 to 602 – Kirtan by Bhai Nirmal Singh Jee
  • Track 603 to 632 – Kirtan by Bhai Satvinder Singh Jee
  • Track 633 to 663 – Kirtan by Bhai Gurmail Singh Jee
  • Track 664 to 682 – Kirtan by Bhai Anoop Singh Jee
  • Track 683 to 685 – Salok Mahalla Nauvan
  • Track 686 to 730 – Nitnem Steek Katha by Giani Takhur Singh Jee

Additional information

Weight140 g

5 reviews for Gurbani MP3 Player with built in speaker

  1. 5 out of 5

    Love mine and so do others!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    WGJKK WGJKF absolutely fantastic product from Sikhi store; my first purchase from the site. The quality, sound and content are great. I will definately recommend this product.
    Thank you so much.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Very pleased that I was gifted this wonderful device. I have it playing 24/7 it’s gods blessings xxx I am going to put in order for some friends, i would surely recommend it.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Thank you very much got the items on time. Bought it for my dad and mother in law. They r very happy. When I told them. Buying 2 more now.
    Thank you very much sikhistore .

  5. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Very good item,
    I have ordered over 15 for friends and family,
    Very good value for money,
    Very simple and straightforward to use
    Once charged it runs for many hours

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